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Give fair products and comprehensive solutions to humanity


To create a house of brands representing different cosmetic categories by 2025

Original cosmetic formulas are created by Polish and foreign technologists with many years of experience in Zeme Pharm laboratory.

Zeme Pharm’s production takes place in Poland. This stems from an important and conscious business decision supported by the fact that Poland has been an undisputed leader in the cosmetics industry in Europe for many decades and holds an important position in foreign trade around the world. We take pride in rich tradition, well-developed know-how and an established position in the industry.

Already in the pre-war times, cosmetic lines known all over the world, were created and produced in Poland, such as Nivea. This is where the pioneers who revolutionised the global beauty industry, such as Max Factor or Helena Rubinstein, come from.

At present, the company is working on the implementation of two more cosmetic concepts


Anna Mrowińska

The company is headed by Anna Mrowińska who has been fascinated by the world of cosmetics since childhood. Her knowledge of the cosmetic industry and international education in the area of finance allowed her to achieve a resounding success fast and take over as the sales director at L’Oréal Poland, where she was responsible for key accounts.

Over the years, she has been developing strategic sales channels, brands and product categories. She was building the distribution of global brands and brought them to the position of leaders in their categories, achieving projected financial results. She has created concepts of more than 400 cosmetic products, 200 of which have been implemented, and many of them have ranked very high in sales.

Talent, knowledge, the acquired experience and determination have allowed Anna to conquer the cosmetics industry on her own and using her own rules, which she follows to this day. Today, she not only deals with business management, but also focuses on discovering and developing talents and building a tight-knit team. She surrounds herself with experts from various fields from around the world, creating unique cosmetic concepts of products that are not only effective, but also presented in a unique form.

„I draw my inspiration from the past to create the future.”

Our brands

Samarité, a natural cosmetic brand, is one of the most desirable brands on the Polish cosmetics market. It is a premium brand which was established in 2019 and won the hearts of female consumers in just a few months. It quickly became a must-have in care for many women and men, including celebrities and influencers from around the world.

The success of the brand stems from extraordinary, ancient, highest-quality formulas, which have been adapted to the requirements of the modern world as a result of collaboration with
cosmetic technology, medicine and
cosmetology experts. The cosmetics have caring properties, and due to the unique composition of 33 powerful pharmaceutical herbs,
they also have healing properties. Samarité formulas are characterised by extraordinary effectiveness, extreme efficiency,
multifunctionality and versatility. The brand consists of just a few products that are designed to meet as many skin needs as possible, regardless of gender, age, skin type and lifestyle.

Apart from their naturalness supported by technological achievements, Samarité formulas are distinguished by the originality of formulation,
consistency and scent. The uniqueness of the brand is complemented by original communication which
includes the magical, mysterious world of forests and herbs created in cooperation with
artists from around the world.

No-one will pass by the brand indifferently. After all, Samarite is a promise that is always kept.

Herbus, a natural cosmetic brand made its debut in the Polish market on the 22th of February 2022. Due to its unique, fully original design and an original way of communication, the brand is easily recognisable and memorable in comparison to other cosmetic brands.

Herbus brand was born out of fascination for ancient herbal medicine, which uses the natural power of plants to achieve health, protection and renewal of the human body. The main ingredient of Herbus cosmetics is the ribwort plantain, which demonstrates healing and caring properties. Natural Herbus formulas derive from a centuries-old tradition supported by modern scientific achievements. The combination of the highest-quality active ingredients with the centuries-old beneficial effect of the ribwort plantain is a guarantee of smart care and comprehensive regeneration of the skin.

Herbus cosmetics are intended for people looking for effective and efficient products for daily body care and for those who need an immediate rescue and relief for extremely damaged skin. Made with the whole family in mind, for women and men of all ages, for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.

You do not have to look for many ways – one is enough. Herbus, a way proven for centuries.

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